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How to store valuables in a car or motorhome
Vehicles are a tempting target for thieves as it doesn't take much effort to break into. With the right tools or a quick window smash, a thief can gain access to everything inside in seconds. K..
A safe hidden in the floor - a safe hiding place for your home
Floor safes are designed for installation in concrete floor slabs of buildings. When properly installed, floor safes provide secure storage, providing a high level of burglary and fire protection for ..
What kind of safe to buy for an apartment?
In Kiev, as in many large cities of Ukraine, the development of multi-storey apartment buildings is in full swing. Both in the city center and in the suburbs, the number of happy owners of new homes i..
An office safe that your business may need
Let's start with the fact that it is not a safe, but also quite in demand in large campaigns with a large volume of accounting documents. These are various types of metal cabinets: archive cabinet, fi..
The main types of safe locks
Safes differ from each other in a number of parameters, among which are: - Design features: metal thickness, the presence of protective concrete and / or heat-resistant interlayers between the wa..
How to hide a gun safe in a closet
This should be one of your first steps. The method of securing your pistol or shotgun you choose will largely determine which model of safe you choose. Why leave a weapon in sight? If you are an a..
How to fit a safe into furniture?
Pay attention to the following: the dimensions of the safe must be such that the cabinet closes normally. Safes with external hinges must not be pushed close to the side of the cabinet with the h..
How to choose a safe for your home?
Before deciding to buy, you should carefully study the lineup and pay attention to some features. Key features of safes In order to choose the best safe for personal use, you need to decide on 6 m..
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