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4 class / Grade IV

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Safe Ferrimax Europa Light CF-815 (EK Grade IV) Primor

External dimensions (HxWxD): 1024x599x577мм

Weight: 460 kg

285,810 ₴
Fireproof safe Blockline BN-M 67 EK

External dimensions (HxWxD): 670x550x530мм

Weight: 366 kg

123,600 ₴
Burglar-resistant safes Ferrimax 800 Europa Light (EK Grade IV)

External dimensions (HxWxD): 500x610x450мм

Weight: 285 kg

0 ₴
Burglar-resistant safe MDTB Banker-M 55-EK

External dimensions (HxWxD): 550x550x520мм

Weight: 287 kg

114,000 ₴
On order
Burglar-resistant safe Ferrimax Europa CF-812 (EK Grade IV) Primor

External dimensions (HxWxD): 950x610x540мм

Weight: 560 kg

194,502 ₴
Burglar-resistant safe Ferrimax Europa CF-810 (EK Grade IV) Primor

External dimensions (HxWxD): 700x610x500мм

Weight: 410 kg

183,414 ₴
Burglar-resistant safe Ferrimax Europa CF-802 (EK Grade IV)

External dimensions (HxWxD): 500x610x450мм

Weight: 290 kg

130,410 ₴
Built-in safe Ferrimax Europa CF-810 MURAL (EK Grade IV)

External dimensions (HxWxD): 1145x1060x705мм

Weight: 140 kg

0 ₴
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Class 4 safes are used in the banking and financial sector, in large trade and industrial enterprises, in research, medical organizations, as well as in paramilitary facilities. Depending on the industry specifics, in safes with a class 4 burglary protection level, you can keep both cash registers and weapons, intangible assets, cultural values, biological and medical products that do not provide for special temperature and humidity storage standards. The high level of reliability and comprehensive protection of these safes are designed for long-term burglary resistance.
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