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Furniture single wall safes

An inexpensive safe is best perceived as a metal box locked with a key, and not a reliable safe with burglary protection. Then its use will not disappoint you.

Furniture safes are used to store small valuables in the premises of a house, office or hotel. The safe has technological holes in the back wall or in the base for fastening with anchor bolts, respectively, to the wall or furniture walls to prevent unauthorized removal of the safe from the room. Equipped with mechanical or electronic combination locks.
Safe Technomax SMTO/4

External dimensions (HxWxD): 280x400x350мм

Weight: 24.5 kg

15,681 ₴
Safe Technomax SMTO/3

External dimensions (HxWxD): 220x350x300мм

Weight: 17 kg

13,716 ₴
Safe Technomax SMKO/1

External dimensions (HxWxD): 220x280x150мм

Weight: 10 kg

7,896 ₴
Safe Technomax MEK/4

External dimensions (HxWxD): 280x400x350мм

Weight: 35.5 kg

18,267 ₴
Safe Technomax MB/0

External dimensions (HxWxD): 130x220x120мм

Weight: 4 kg

5,070 ₴
Safe Technomax 745/EL

External dimensions (HxWxD): 200x400x450мм

Weight: 16 kg

12,594 ₴
Safe office Gute ЯМХ-65ЕТ

External dimensions (HxWxD): 650x450x350мм

Weight: 23 kg

5,900 ₴
Safe office Gute ЯМХ-56КТ

External dimensions (HxWxD): 520x350x360мм

Weight: 13.8 kg

4,000 ₴
Safe office Gute ЯМХ-56ET

External dimensions (HxWxD): 520x350x360мм

Weight: 14 kg

4,520 ₴
Safe office Ferocon ENERGY 65K

External dimensions (HxWxD): 650x435x360мм

Weight: 31 kg

10,350 ₴
Safe office Ferocon ENERGY 65E

External dimensions (HxWxD): 650x435x360мм

Weight: 32 kg

11,280 ₴
Safe LUKA SHM 44 1M

External dimensions (HxWxD): 400x450x350мм

Weight: 27 kg

5,706 ₴
Safe Griffon R.48.K

External dimensions (HxWxD): 480x380x370мм

Weight: 28 kg

7,920 ₴
Safe Griffon R.30.K.E

External dimensions (HxWxD): 300x430x320мм

Weight: 20 kg

9,468 ₴
Safe Griffon R.30.K

External dimensions (HxWxD): 300x430x320мм

Weight: 20 kg

6,120 ₴
Safe Griffon R.26.K

External dimensions (HxWxD): 260x350x260мм

Weight: 14 kg

5,400 ₴
If you want to buy a safe inexpensively, please. Such safes can be used in hotels, apartments and even offices. You can even use such a safe in the form of a piggy bank. Or give a cheap safe to a child in which he can keep his valuables and cash gifts. The main thing is to be aware that such a safe cannot be trusted to store really valuable things or large amounts of money, since structurally cheap safes made of thin metal can easily be opened with brute force.

If you need a really reliable furniture safe, take a look at the category Furniture burglar-proof safes.

Furniture safes differ from office sizes. This division is very arbitrary in the area of ​​the safe height of about 40-50 cm. Any person can afford to buy a furniture safe for storing small-sized valuables. This category includes both inexpensive safes made of steel 2 mm thick, as well as more durable and reliable (4-8 mm, for example, Luka or Technomax safes).

Safe for home can be used to store money, documents, a gun, jewelry, etc. Depending on what you plan to store in the safe, you need to pay attention to the size of the safe, the presence of a shelf and / or a cash register (the so-called tracer), the thickness of the metal, the reliability and ease of use of the locks.

According to statistics, most often the robbery of a safe is carried out by "their" people who know the electronic code or have access to the key. Therefore, carefully check those whom you trust this information.

Because of their small size and weight, furniture safes can be taken out by robbers from the room, therefore anchoring the safe to a wall or a reliable wall is a prerequisite for the safe storage of your valuables.

Small safes can also be mounted in the wall of the house. Such safes are presented in the "built-in safes" section.
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