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Premium safes in wood

A safe can be not only a reliable repository of your valuables, but also a decoration of the room in which it is located. If you already have a furniture set in your office, and you want the safe to become part of the situation, with your formidable appearance without violating the harmony in it, you can choose a ready-made safe in this section, or order a safe in a tree (or in another outdoor design, for example , mirror) at the Luka Safes production. In the latter case, you will receive a unique reliable safe and enjoy using it
76,140 ₴

Weight: 170 kg

123,696 ₴
71,862 ₴
70,395 ₴
71,862 ₴
Safe cabinet LUKA TE-white false door

External dimensions (HxWxD): 680x690x550мм

Weight: 70 kg

53,796 ₴
Safe Bern 2 (wood)

Weight: 150 kg

94,419 ₴
90,000 ₴
199,053 ₴
44,256 ₴
50,175 ₴
50,175 ₴
65,640 ₴
Wood safes are true works of art for the most demanding customers. They are made of high quality durable metal and are finished with wood only on the outside. Looking at them, not everyone will guess that in front of him is a reliable storage for valuables or weapons with a heavy-duty case and technically sophisticated anti-theft devices.

Elite weapon safes with wood trim in a window display. These safes can be equipped with bulletproof glass, as well as lights, which together with the interior decoration will give a solemn appearance to the weapons of the collector. Some safes have a cache - a great solution to securely store something very personal.

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