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Date safes

Date safe DS1070EHK

External dimensions (HxWxD): 695x500x500мм

Weight: 117 kg

33,300 ₴
Out of stock
Date safe DS1060EHK

External dimensions (HxWxD): 660x470x470мм

Weight: 99 kg

30,750 ₴
Safes of the South Korean manufacturer Diplomat Safe Ltd of the DS1000 series are designed primarily to protect magnetic storage media from fire.
The fire and impact resistance of the safes are tested and certified by: NT Fire 017 - Swedish National Testing and Research Institute; KSG 4500 and P-S1TS and P-S2TS are the Korean Standards Association.
Depending on the model, the safe can hold from 60 to 90 discs and protect the contents from fire for 90 minutes.
It became possible to buy a date safe in Kyiv thanks to the direct supply of safes by the UHL MASH company.
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