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An office safe that your business may need

Let's start with the fact that it is not a safe, but also quite in demand in large campaigns with a large volume of accounting documents. These are various types of metal cabinets: archive cabinet, file cabinet or safe type cabinet with reinforced construction. The advantages of using metal cabinets in the office, rather than wooden cabinets, are associated with the convenience and longer durability of their operation. Metal furniture can withstand more assembly and disassembly cycles if it is necessary to move it, which can be useful in the case of, for example, changing the rental location of an office.

Furniture safe

There is a very conditional division into furniture safes and office safes, depending on their size. You can buy a small safe for placement on a furniture shelf (hence the name), in the closet of a hotel room or in a cabinet near the head's desk. In such a safe, you can place valuables of a small size: seals, money, a gun, jewelry, etc.

Safes that can hold vertically several folders for bookkeeping such as the Crown, an internal cash register (tracer) compartment that locks with a key, and with a height of 60 cm or more, can be called office. When choosing an office safe, it is important to understand the value of the contents in your safe and the level of protection that this safe can provide. The quality of protection consists of: the design features of the safe, the thickness of the metal of the walls and the door, the quality of the safe locks and the crossbar locking system. As a rule, a cheap safe is walls made of steel 1.5-2 mm thick and a mediocre Chinese-made lock. These products are very much in demand today, as many buyers choose a safe based on only the price category. But, one must be aware that reliability cannot be cheap, and take into account the risks of storing valuables in an inexpensive safe.

Therefore, when choosing an office safe, we recommend paying attention to safes with wall thicknesses from 3-4 mm, a reinforced door of 8-10 mm and high-quality locks made in Germany.

Deposit safe (or night storage safe)

This safe is designed to store cash deposits or important documents for a limited period of time. These safes protect against theft, but not against fire. Campaigns that own a deposit safe will periodically transfer the contents of their safe to a bank or other safe place. Safes with openings for quick daily deposits are ideal for restaurants or retail outlets.


Burglar-proof safes must be certified in the class of burglar resistance and ensure the safety of the contents for a certain time (according to the classification: from half an hour (H0) or more). Mandatory is the presence of a crossbar locking system, special strong locks of a safe type and the possibility of anchoring to the wall and / or floor. Banks and financial organizations are obliged to use safes in their work with such burglar resistance characteristics that are prescribed in special tables of national standards of Ukraine.

Security and fire safety of the safe

The fireproof safe is designed so that the space between its double walls is filled with special materials that provide fire protection to the contents. As a rule, these are foam or aerated concrete, non-combustible porous materials with low thermal conductivity. The safe door is bordered by a special layer, which expands with increasing temperature and provides additional sealing.

The fire resistance of the safe on the basis of tests is also subject to classification, according to which this safe is able to withstand a certain temperature for the appropriate number of minutes, and at the same time its contents will not be damaged. So, for example, the parameters 30B, 60P, 120P indicate that the paper contents of the safe will be preserved during a fire for 30, 60 or 120 minutes, respectively.

However, for business it is better to use safes with combined protection against burglary and fire. The thickness of the metal in the double walls of the case of such safes is not less than 4 mm, the doors - not less than 8 mm, and the space between the steel sheets of the walls is reinforced with reinforcement (in safes from the 3rd burglary resistance class). In the catalog of Luka safes, BNS series safes possess such properties, confirmed by the corresponding certificates.

We should also mention the built-in safes, which in their typical modifications are good for use in private homes, but are not very suitable for banks and offices. As a rule, such safes, in addition to being built into the wall, are also masked and hidden from prying eyes by interior items. In the case of a bank, a special room is arranged, a vault that meets the relevant security parameters, and a special safe door is installed at the entrance to it. Such orders are always unique, and miscalculated by the specialists of the company "Luca Safes" individually.

We hope that now it will be much easier for you to buy an office safe that meets the needs of your business in our store.
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