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Floor-mounted safe - benefits

Floor safes are designed for installation in concrete floor slabs of buildings. When properly installed, floor safes provide secure storage, providing a high level of burglary and fire protection for the contents of the safe.

Floor safes have the following advantages over other types of safes:
  • invisibility: because the safe is flush with the floor, it can be hidden from view under carpet or false tiles.
  • fire resistance: the body of the safe is filled with concrete and is located below ground level. The top steel cover of the safe provides good insulation of the air gap between the door and the heat source.
  • concrete attachment: a properly installed safe cannot be pulled out of the concrete. Additional structural elements (reinforcement or anchor lugs), welded to the outside of the safe, effectively anchor the concrete and the body of the safe.
  • limiting the area of ​​application of mechanical forces: only the safe door and part of the front panel are accessible from the outside. These structural elements of built-in safes are made of 6-10 mm thick solid steel with additional protection of the lock area.
The only disadvantage of reliability can be people - those craftsmen whose services you turned to for the installation of the safe. Therefore, be careful when choosing a contractor. Remember, the less people know about your safe, the better.
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