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Building a safe into furniture - what to look for.

Pay attention to the following:
  • the dimensions of the safe must be such that the cabinet closes normally. Safes with external hinges must not be pushed close to the side of the cabinet with the hinge side, since in this case it will not be possible to open it normally.
  • if the safe is heavy enough, you need to think over the design so that it does not push through the shelf or the base of the cabinet.
  • Be smart when choosing a location. It shouldn't be obvious, but you should still be comfortable using the safe.
The maximum allowable weight depends on the strength of the material and the thickness and length of the shelf. For example, the maximum allowable weight for a chipboard shelf up to 60 cm long with a standard mount is no more than 40 kg, 60-80 cm long - no more than 30 kg, 80-100 length - no more than 20 kg. (Data from safe4you blog)

You can choose a safe for your home furniture of a suitable size in the section of the catalog "Furniture safes" or in our salon-store at the address: Kiev, Tolstoy str., 16
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