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Furniture safes

Choosing a reliable furniture safe is not such an easy task as it might seem at first glance. You need to consider the safe with what dimensions and weight you can place, what size of valuables you want to store in this safe, what level of security of storage should be provided, what type of lock (key, electronic or mechanical code) is more convenient for you to use, since all this will directly affect the price of the safe.
Safe Technomax DPK/7

External dimensions (HxWxD): 490x430x430мм

Weight: 63.5 kg

28,971 ₴ 36,216 ₴
Safe Technomax GMD/7

External dimensions (HxWxD): 490x430x400мм

Weight: 61 kg

25,728 ₴ 32,160 ₴
Safe Technomax GMC/4

External dimensions (HxWxD): 280x400x350мм

Weight: 35.5 kg

18,549 ₴ 23,184 ₴
Safe Valberg Quartzite 46

External dimensions (HxWxD): 460x440x430мм

Weight: 113 kg

18,495 ₴ 20,550 ₴
Safe Technomax GMK/5

External dimensions (HxWxD): 350x470x350мм

Weight: 47.5 kg

17,703 ₴ 22,128 ₴
Hotel safe Aiko SH-20 EL

External dimensions (HxWxD): 200x430x400мм

Weight: 13.2 kg

4,767 ₴ 5,340 ₴
Furniture safe Ferocon ENERGY VIOLET

External dimensions (HxWxD): 250x350x280мм

Weight: 12 kg

4,311 ₴ 4,790 ₴
Technomax DS/5N mini safe

External dimensions (HxWxD): 200x470x370мм

Weight: 16.5 kg

21,123 ₴
Safe Valberg Quartzite30EL

External dimensions (HxWxD): 300x440x430мм

Weight: 87 kg

20,460 ₴
Safe Valberg Quartzite-30

External dimensions (HxWxD): 300x440x430мм

Weight: 87 kg

17,400 ₴
Safe Valberg Quartzite 46 EL

External dimensions (HxWxD): 460x440x430мм

Weight: 113 kg

24,000 ₴
Safe Technomax SMTO/4

External dimensions (HxWxD): 280x400x350мм

Weight: 24.5 kg

17,868 ₴
Safe Technomax SMTO/3

External dimensions (HxWxD): 220x350x300мм

Weight: 17 kg

15,456 ₴
Safe Technomax SMKO/1

External dimensions (HxWxD): 220x280x150мм

Weight: 10 kg

9,288 ₴
Safe Technomax MEK/4

External dimensions (HxWxD): 280x400x350мм

Weight: 35.5 kg

21,375 ₴
Safe Technomax MB/0

External dimensions (HxWxD): 130x220x120мм

Weight: 4 kg

5,103 ₴

Reliable furniture safes for the apartment

The desire of citizens to protect valuable property from theft provides a high demand for safes for apartments. In the assortment of the Luka Safes company store you can pick up reliable safe equipment for home use. We offer a large selection of designs of different capacities, internal filling and burglary resistance class. Available compact models that are built into the wall or furniture. You can also buy a roomy interior safe with leather or wood trim.

What safes for an apartment is better to buy?

The reliability of the safe cabinet depends on the burglary and fire resistance. If you plan to use the equipment to save securities and documents, digital media, paper money, jewelry, you should pay attention to models with a layer of fire-resistant material.

Safes for the apartment can be of different sizes depending on the needs of the user. The most popular option is to buy a wall-mounted or tamper-resistant furniture safe. These structures are small in size, and flush mounting allows you to hide from outsiders the fact of having a safe in the room. The product is installed in a specially prepared niche in the wall or mounted inside the cabinet (furniture structure).

VIP-safe with wood or leather trim performs practical and aesthetic functions. Exclusive safes for the apartment can decorate the atmosphere of your office, library, living room. The model with wooden cladding is matched to the color of home furniture and becomes part of the headset.

Safe features

Safes for apartments are available in different classes of burglary resistance. They can be equipped with electronic and combination locks. Products vary in internal content. The cabinet can be equipped with shelves, drawers and other items. The design price is determined by the burglary resistance class. Burglar-resistant safes are made of steel with a thickness of 4 mm. Such a model will protect valuable property from childish pranks and claims of intruders.

In the assortment of the Luka Safes store, the devices are represented by products of Ukrainian and foreign brands, which allows you to choose the option that is suitable for the price and characteristics.
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