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What should be considered when choosing a safe for documents?

Do you have a lot of important documentation that should never fall into the wrong hands? An office safe is an ideal place to store documents such as agreements and contracts, insurance policies or notarial deeds. What is important to consider in order to choose the right safe to protect your valuables from theft, damage or fire.

When setting up an office, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Above all, your office should be 100% customized to your needs, with a spacious desk, a comfortable chair and atmospheric decor. Creating such a space, one should not forget about the most important thing: safety. A well-hidden safe can provide it. If you are under construction, plan a place for it in a wall or special partition. If you already have a finished office, you can choose a furniture safe and place it under the desk. It is important that as few people as possible know where such protection for your valuable documents is located. A high-quality office safe will give you a sound sleep, and you will not feel unnecessary anxiety during your vacation or business trip.

There are several types of safes on the market, including wall, floor, furniture or office safes (difference in dimensions) and portable safes (cashboxes). The most frequently chosen is a furniture safe, i.e. one that is placed in a closet or in a table, where it is carefully hidden from the eyes of strangers.

When choosing a safe, pay attention to its resistance to burglary, whether there is a certificate, and what class of burglary resistance it corresponds to. In most cases, the price of a safe is proportional to its reliability. A cheap safe will provide little protection because it uses thin metal and an inexpensive locking mechanism.

Office safes come in a variety of sizes and can be made up of several individually lockable sections. Choose the one that will accommodate everything you want to protect, as well as delimit access for you and your deputy or accountant.

The choice of castle is also important. The most popular are electronic locks with a panel for entering a code. There are also locks that open with a key, or which are a mechanical rotating disk for entering a code. The most modern type of lock is a biometric lock that opens with a fingerprint.

Office safes do not have to be used only for storing securities or cash. Before you go on a trip, you can secure, among other things, the electronic equipment where most of us store valuable data or sensitive photos. Specially designed safes for laptops, computers or tablets have height, width and depth parameters corresponding to the size of the equipment.

When buying a safe, pay attention to whether it is fire resistant. Its job is to protect against fire. It must withstand exposure to high temperatures as long as the fire is extinguished, and your valuables remain intact.

The placement of the safe in the office must be very thoughtful. A safe in a visible place can cause serious problems. Potential thieves will immediately find out where you store valuables, documents or money. Place your fireproof safe in a secure and hidden location, but keep usability in mind. You can place the safe in the wall and close it with decor in the form of a picture, a map of the world or a country, a large photograph, etc. A furniture safe placed, for example, in a desk or in the floor, will provide you with quick access, while protecting it from prying eyes.

A consultation with Luka Safes will allow you to better understand your needs and provide you with a selection of the best safes to meet those needs.
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