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What small safe to buy for an apartment?

In Kiev, as in many large cities of Ukraine, the development of multi-storey apartment buildings is in full swing. Both in the city center and in the suburbs, the number of happy owners of new homes is growing. Naturally, the owners are primarily concerned with high-quality repairs and filling the premises with everything you need, from hangers to balcony blinds. However, it is worth considering in the list of what needs to be bought for an apartment, an item for the safe storage of money and documents.

Yes, it's safe. Most often, for a small room, they choose a small safe that can be built into the furniture structure, hiding it from prying eyes, and securely fastened with anchor bolts to the wall or to the floor. For reliability, so that random "guests" do not take with them. After all, the less they know about your safe, the calmer the owner.

You can buy a small safe with a combination lock, electronic or mechanical, or in the classic form - with a lock that can be locked with a key. Each type of lock has its own advantages and disadvantages (more about locks in the article "Basic types of safe locks"), therefore, the choice depends on the preferences of the future user.

A small safe is not always inexpensive. It all depends on the thickness of the metal, workmanship and locking mechanism. For comparison, we will give a budget safe of a Ukrainian manufacturer and a European one (you can see the current prices in the product cards):
Сейф мебельный Ferocon БС-25Е.9005 Сейф взломостойкий Technomax GMT/3
Ferocon БС-25Е.9005 Technomax GMT/3

With similar dimensions and type of lock, an Italian safe has a price 8 times higher! The differences are clearly visible in the photo (metal thickness, laser cutting, which minimizes the door gap, workmanship, etc.). At the same time, we in no way diminish the dignity of the safe, which is made in our country. It's just that these two small furniture safes are in different price ranges and guarantee different degrees of protection against burglary. Therefore, it is very important to understand what you want to buy and what kind of reliability you will get at the same time.

A home mini-safe can also be in the form of a metal money box (cashbox). In such boxes, as a rule, they do not store large amounts of money, and do not store for a long time, transferring the contents to a more reliable place in time. A mini-safe serves as a metal cash register, for example, for an entrepreneur, or a casket, for example, for a child to teach him how to handle money received from adults.

Where to buy a small safe for money in Kiev?

Safes are products that are better seen once in an offline store, by looking and touching, as well as having received exhaustive recommendations from professional sellers, than comparing images on the Internet. Therefore, if you have such an opportunity, we invite you to our store "Safes and Locks" in Kiev at st. L. Tolstoy, 16. Consultations in the store are free, but their value in the end for your choice of the right safe can be significant. In addition, our visitors can always count on pleasant discounts, so come on in!
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