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Safe store - we invite you to come, choose and buy a safe in the center of Kyiv!

You can also visit our store virtually, and place an order in our online store. Which safes might catch your eye in these pictures? So, we invite you to take a look.
де купити сейф у Києві

Griffon safe, Technomax safes (Italy) series DPE and DPK (break-in protection S2, fire protection 30 min), Blockline safes (Poland) Block Fire series (fire protection 60 min) and Barrier (break-in protection Grade I), deposit safe DS-19-5, as well as a beige safe in a cabinet made of natural wood painted white - a burglar-resistant safe of class 2 LUKA BNS 2T-2 in wood.

де купити сейф у Києві

Griffon fireproof safes

де купити сейф у Києві

Safes for weapons of various manufacturers and Technomax PRO series

де купити сейф у Києві

Office safes, metal key boxes, floor-mounted safe, Complice safe from the French manufacturer Fichet-Bauche, which has EN 1143-1 class 0 burglary certificates with A2P label and EN 15659 LFS 30 P fire protection certificate, unique burglar-resistant safe in LUKA TE white wood (imitation of a white cabinet makes it easy to fit this safe into the luxurious interior of the room and hide it).

Safe store - we invite you to come, choose and buy a safe in the center of Kyiv! photo 1
Car safes and colored cash boxes of different sizes will come in handy if you need to transport or carry money or securities with you. Yes, these are not full-fledged safes, but they are just things that can make your everyday life more convenient and calm.

You can find various safes available in the Kyiv store in the catalog of our online store and get professional advice from specialists by phone:
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  • +38 099 975-84-66 Viber, WhatsApp.
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