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The solution is to buy a car safe

Vehicles are a tempting target for thieves as it doesn't take much effort to break into. With the right tools or a quick window smash, a thief can gain access to everything inside in seconds.

Keeping valuables in a car is risky, but sometimes there is no other way out. When you are on the road or live in a car or motorhome, you should take everything with you wherever the road takes you.

Travelers are targeted as they most often carry valuable items in their vehicle. Thieves have all sorts of tricks: in some cases, they will go as far as to follow you until you get out of the car and leave your belongings.

As a tourist with luggage, a map or country rooms, you stand out from the crowd, so you need to do everything possible to protect your valuables on the road. While you cannot 100% prevent theft, there are many things you can do to stop being a visible target.

Do not leave unnecessary valuables in the car

The easiest way to protect your valuables is to keep them with you. If you can, take important things with you every time you get out of your car. There is no need to store expensive or irreplaceable things in the car if you can just toss them into your bag.

However, you'll need a better solution for larger items like laptops if you're camping or doing something else where carrying them isn't practical.

You should keep your passport and other important documents with you at all times, but if you absolutely must leave them in the car, make sure they are well hidden and preferably in a secured safe.

Turn off your electronics

Your Bluetooth-enabled devices can be tracked by thieves if left on. Simple apps allow people to scan for nearby Bluetooth signals, which can lead them straight to your unsecured electronics.

There's a good chance that most of your technologies have Bluetooth capabilities, including laptops, phones, cameras, speakers, and headphones. If you must leave electronics in your car, always turn everything off before driving. This means, for example, completely turning off the laptop, and not just closing the lid.

Keep everything of value out of sight

Never leave anything of value in plain sight. If a potential thief looks through your car windows, he won't be able to see anything worth stealing. You can move valuables in the trunk, put them in the glove box or hide things under the seat so they are not visible.

If you have larger items, such as shopping bags, a suitcase or backpack, make sure they are in the trunk or at least tucked away under a blanket or towel. A bursting computer bag or backpack does not hide your valuables, but only shows criminals how much interesting things you have in your car for them.

Even the smallest amount of money can attract thieves. If you have a habit of throwing coins into cup holders when getting into your car, always empty them before you leave, or just store them in the center console.

In general, anything that you cannot easily replace should not be left unprotected in a car. If you have to leave valuables unprotected, it's better to buy a car safe that will at least prevent accidental opening and theft.

Don't forget chargers and mounts

When you hide valuables, don't forget about the accessories that go with them. Phone chargers, phone mounts, GPS mounts, etc. will give thieves an idea of ​​the valuables that may be in your car.

Cover or hide anything that might give away what might be in your car. If you install any appliances on your windshield, make sure you wipe off the marks left by the suction cup.

Be careful where you park

You can help prevent theft by choosing your parking spot carefully. Try not to leave your car in a deserted area and park under a streetlight or next to a security camera if there is a free space.

Thieves are looking for easy prey. They want to get things done as quickly as possible, and they need to be able to take what they can without others seeing them.

In a dark and deserted area, a thief can spend as much time as he likes breaking into your car or safe, if you have one. If you feel uncomfortable getting out of your car, this is probably not the right place for your car. When there is no other choice, take with you any valuable or irreplaceable things.

Use a car safe for your valuables

A lightweight travel safe is a good investment for those who make long or frequent trips. Store the safe out of sight under a seat, in the trunk or under a towel and make sure it can be tied to a fixed part of your car.

Those who travel light will have to compromise on size. and weight when choosing a safe, since nothing heavy will fit in a backpack. Unfortunately, the more portable the safe, the less secure it will be. A determined thief, especially one armed with the right tools, will be able to remove or crack almost any portable safe given enough time: treat them as a deterrent, not a guarantee.

If you store everything in your car, look for a safe that is big enough for a laptop and any other equipment you carry with you. Keep anything of value in the safe, including cash, jewelry, and any documentation you don't carry with you.

A smaller safe is fine if you only need to store the things you normally carry in your pockets, such as your phone, cash, and ID. They're good for added security when you're surfing, swimming, or other activities where you can't take any valuables with you.

Make sure whatever you choose is at least secure enough to prevent breakage and theft, but don't let the safe give you a false sense of security. If you don't have to leave valuables in the car, don't, and always keep your passport and something essential with you if possible.
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