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How to hide a gun safe in a closet

This should be one of your first steps. The method of securing your pistol or shotgun you choose will largely determine which model of safe you choose.

Why leave a weapon in sight?

If you are an avid rifle collector, or if you love hunting and are proud of your hobby, then most likely you will want to make a gun safe special and noticeable in your home. With such a collection, you will need a reliable and attractive safe that showcases your firearm through glass. (Example - Luca safes of the Bern series) Even all-metal safes can look very presentable if they are correctly integrated into the interior of the room. Safes come in a variety of sizes and finishes, so you can choose exactly which one is best for your home.

However, more and more people keep weapons in their homes solely for their own safety. This means that the number of gun owners displaying their safe is relatively small. In addition, you must ensure that you have quick access to weapons in case of an emergency. And, if your safe is tucked away in a secret place that's hard to reach, you could lose precious seconds when you hear a burglar.

Why hide your pistol?

So what are the reasons for hiding your gun safe? The first reason is purely aesthetic. Perhaps you just don't need a large, bulky metal safe that takes up noticeable space in your home.

Agree that it is better for attackers not to know that you have a weapon in your house. If they see a safe, they will have a guess that there may be weapons or other valuables in there, and they may try to break into it. Even the best safes can ultimately be hacked by someone who is determined, patient, and has the right skills and tools to do so.

Another reason of a criminal nature. If you are being attacked at home, then your advantage may be having weapons on hand for self-defense that the attackers do not know about.

Finally, people who visit your home or do some temporary work in it. Some people may have bad intentions and may be interested in your safe. After all, you probably locked up valuables, money or weapons in it.

Even if your visitors don't think about stealing from you, they can innocently tell someone else about your safe. It is easy to imagine a builder or plumber who, under the impression of what he saw in the house, tells his friends about it.

As a result, a hidden gun safe means that no random person will know about your firearm.

Why a closet is a good place to hide a gun safe

There are several popular places to hide weapons in your home: under your bed, in your closet, and inside your bedside table. And they are all in the bedroom. Indeed, this room is perfect for storing your pistol. (Example - a safe for a pistol) If at night you are disturbed by the noise of an intruder entering the house, then chances are that you will be in bed at this time.

Of all these hideouts in the bedroom, the most comfortable is the closest. You can easily fit a small pistol safe in your bedside table.

The safe for horizontal storage of long-barreled weapons and pistols can be installed under the bed, hidden behind a blanket or an easy-to-open decorative panel.

Most wardrobes are large enough to hold a decent rifle safe. Outside and with the doors closed, no one can tell for sure what is stored there. But, if necessary, you will get the gun quickly and easily.

How to hide the safe?

Think about how you can hide a safe in furniture? Will it just sit behind the door, will it be hidden by clothing, or maybe you will create some clever disguise to make the safe really hard to find?

While all of these methods involve the idea of ​​hiding a safe in a closet, they are all very different in design. This means you need to think carefully about which one is right for you before purchasing a safe.

Again, the answer probably comes down to your own needs and desires. Do you just want your safe to not be in a conspicuous place, or do you want attackers to be unable to find your weapon, even they will have the time and opportunity for this?

Do you want to provide yourself with quick access to the gun? This eliminates the option of having to open the dressing room door and reach for a weapon, sneaking through clothes racks or removing a false wall before you can reach the safe.

For many people, simply hiding the safe in the closet is enough. They don't feel the need to do anything else. When it comes to just one safe, find a balance between how well you want to hide it and how easy and quick you need to access it. Otherwise, there may be several safes.

What kind of safe is the best?

Currently, there are many different types of weapon safes on the Ukrainian market. In order to choose the right one for you, it is important to consider all the nuances and characteristics. Including how convenient you can hide a safe in your home or apartment.

The first thing to start with is the size of the safe. After all, ensuring that your gun is safely stored in a closet requires a model that's large enough for your firearm, but small enough to fit in the space you have for it.

Secondly, the safe must be strong and durable so that it is difficult to open it by mechanical breaking. It's not enough for you to just hope that no one finds it. The safe must be reliable, not fake.

Third, but far from the last. Will this be your only gun in the bedroom for your safety? Will your gun collection grow in the future, or do you just need enough space for the barrels you already have? It may be better to provide a safe with additional storage space.

What else should you pay attention to when choosing a safe

For example, you want to have quick and easy access to weapons. This means that during an emergency in the middle of the night, you will not have to remove your clothes from access to the safe in your closet.

The fastest way to open the safe is with a biometric lock. These safes tend to be slightly more expensive than their counterparts with other types of locks, but you can easily open them by simply scanning your fingerprint on the keyboard. When using a lock with an electronic numeric keypad, you will have to practice typing the code by touch and without looking in order to do it quickly and without mistakes, which may cost your safety.

Another issue to consider is the darkness inside your closet. Try to peer in here in the dark of the night and you will find that it is very difficult to even see your hands in front of your face, let alone quickly find and open your safe.

With this in mind, having indoor lighting in a large safe can be vital. Then you can find what you are looking for quickly and hassle-free.

If the safe is equipped with an electronic combination lock, then it is better to choose a model in which the keyboard is backlit. And, if the safe is opened with a key, then it is advisable to install some kind of motion-activated light source in the cabinet. Well, and the key to the safe, of course, must be with you ...

What type of wardrobe do you need?

You can think carefully about what kind of safe you need, and completely forget about the closet. There are also important aspects to this issue.

The main points to look out for are the size and strength of this piece of furniture. You should consider not only the size of the weapon safe, but also its weight, as well as the approximate weight of its contents. This requires a solid and solid foundation.

When you choose a safe in a store, you can see that its weight and dimensions are usually indicated in the main characteristics. So the first step is to make sure the safe you are interested in fits into the closet. Or that you can order a wardrobe with the right niche sizes.

Ideally, the bottom of the safe is right on the floor of the room. Many of the best gun safes come with additional anchor bolts to secure them to the floor, so the stronger the base the better. If the mount is not included, then you can choose the corresponding hole diameter and floor surface in a building materials store. Please consult sellers.

Important! If you do not secure a small safe, attackers will be able to take it out of the room in order to calmly open it somewhere else.

How to install the safe?

The next question you need to know about how to hide a safe in a closet concerns how to install it. This will depend on what type of safe and cabinet (furniture structure) you decide to use.

Therefore, there are several different possibilities:
  • Just place the safe in the closet. This is the simplest and least secure approach. In this case, it will be easy for a thief to take the safe with him.
  • Mount it to the wall or floor. This is the recommended option to make it difficult for intruders to lift and remove the safe. Accordingly, it will take some effort and understanding how to do it right.
  • Design your wardrobe with a bespoke safe. If you only have a closet and a safe inside, then this is a great opportunity to design it well. Where will the safe be most secured while still allowing efficient use of the rest of the space? This is usually in a corner where the safe can be bolted securely to the floor and / or walls.
  • Order the manufacture of a safe according to individual parameters. Another option, if you have a dressing room, is to order the manufacture of a personal safe. This could mean pouring concrete walls and adding a solid door. Alternatively, you can install a hidden safe in the wall where no one can see it.
  • Make a hidden entrance to your dressing room. Perhaps you could add a hidden entrance to your wardrobe containing a weapon safe. If attackers can't find the safe, they certainly can't steal anything.
  • Make a fake closet. What if you don't have a suitable closet? Order a safe with a finish in the form of a wooden or mirrored cabinet, or a clock stand. This gives you a place to hide your firearm, which looks like a piece of furniture.
  • Maybe install a safe behind a secret door?
  • There is a way people hide their gun safes is by installing a non-obvious door. This door can look like a bookcase or a large mirror. You have definitely seen such doors in adventure or detective films. The idea of ​​such a secret door can be implemented in your own home.

These doors must be ideally designed to fulfill their function so that they are not easy to find. They should also be durable, preferably with electronic or biometric access. In fact, if the door is strong enough, you might not even need a safe inside. In this case, the space behind the door can be weapon-safe.

Let's sum up

If you like the idea of ​​keeping your weapon secure but aren't sure what you can use a cabinet to do, there are many other ways to do it. People hide their firearms in safes under beds, in the floor and in the walls of the house, among other furnishings.

It is important to find out what works best for you. If you take some time to think about your needs, then it will be much easier for you to choose. Walk around your home looking for the perfect spot. Is there somewhere perfect for storing your weapons, or could you remodel a part of the house?

By purchasing a quality gun safe, you will feel much safer in terms of ensuring your safety. However, for some people this is not enough. By learning how to hide a safe in a closet, you can take it one step further and have a firearm storage that truly suits your needs and allows you to live a quieter, more confident life now.
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