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Coded electronic or mechanical - with which lock to choose a safe?

Both mechanical and electronic locks are a modern alternative to traditional key lock safes. This type of lock can cause many problems: the key can be lost or stolen. Home safes with electronic and mechanical locks eliminate this problem, because the condition for opening in both cases is to enter the correct code.

So how do the two types of locks differ, what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Electronic code lock

The main advantage of this type of technology, which is increasingly used by safe manufacturers, is the ease and speed of opening. After typing the appropriate combination of numbers on the keyboard, the lock opens automatically. Another advantage of buying a safe with an electronic lock is the ability to integrate it with a home alarm system, which will certainly increase the security of stored valuables.

And what could be the disadvantages of a durable fireproof safe with an electronic lock? It is worth paying attention to the power supply of such a lock, which draws energy from a battery or accumulator. It is recommended to regularly monitor the condition of the battery and replace it before a low charge prevents the door from opening. Some locks in such a situation can be opened using an external power supply from a Krona battery by attaching it to the contacts on the lock panel.

There is an option of an electronic lock with an additional key for emergency opening. Safes with such locks are often used in hotels, in case the guest has forgotten the code, and the key is kept by the hotel administrator.

Mechanical combination lock

An alternative to modern technology is a traditional safe with a mechanical lock. By choosing this type of design, you won't have to worry about battery drain, and this is by far one of the most important advantages of mechanical systems.

The control of such a lock also requires entering the correct code, but not using the keyboard, but with a special rotating disk or several disks. As you might guess, this increases the door opening time compared to electronic models, which can be important in case of a possible threat.

When shopping for a home, office or hotel safe, it is important to realize that even the highest quality heavy duty safes do not eliminate the need for care and foresight. For an experienced thief, breaking both mechanical and electronic locks can only be a matter of time and skill.

This can be countered, for example:
- hide the safe from prying eyes
- do not tell anyone the code, and in case of information leakage, immediately change it to a new one
- use a second cheap safe to divert eyes from the main storage of valuables
- do not store all valuable items and money in one place.
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