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Do I need to buy a gun safe to keep my gun safe in my home?

If we were talking about larger guns, multiple rifles, or long-term storage, you might want to consider buying a large gun safe that can be bolted to the floor or wall. But opening one is often not that easy or quick, usually requiring several minutes, which you may not have if there is a sudden, aggressive home invasion. So you want something that you can open almost instantly and that is not cluttered with other guns and things that could prevent you from grabbing the loaded one you need right now.

There are many good gun safe designs, but here are a few features to look for:

Do I need to buy a gun safe to keep my gun safe in my home? photo 11. Quick and easy access.

I recommend a locking system that uses a simple four-button key sequence to unlock, or a biometric scanner that reads your fingerprints. These open in just a second or two and will thwart any curious young hands that might try to get to it. Avoid any type of lock that requires a key (“Where’s the damn key?”), a numeric keypad (the keys are too small and hard to see in the dark), or a combination lock (too easy to get wrong! Especially in the dark and under stress!).

Do I need to buy a gun safe to keep my gun safe in my home? photo 22. Easy Installation.

Let me emphasize this: a gun safe must be installed and secured properly, otherwise it’s not a safe at all; it’s just a locked box. Most good designs are designed to be secured to something else: a bed frame, the side of a closet, inside a desk, anywhere you can’t just grab it and walk away. Don’t just throw your gun under the bed and call it a good thing. Secure it!

3. An emergency release key.

Many popular models use electronic locks that run on batteries. The batteries should be replaced every year without fail (don’t wait until they’re completely dead!). Ideally, the lock should have a physical key that can be used to unlock and open the safe if the batteries die or the electronic lock breaks. Keep this key away from the safe and don’t tell children what it’s for!

Do I need to buy a gun safe to keep my gun safe in my home? photo 3So think about not only the size of the safe you want, but also where you want to install it. Think of a safe and a loaded gun in it like a fire extinguisher in the kitchen: it’s easy and quick to get to, it’s right where you need it, and it’s the perfect tool to protect yourself in a very specific emergency.

Houses and apartments are not automatically safer because they have a gun in them. Just as a fire extinguisher in your home doesn’t guarantee that your home will never burn down, it will give you a fighting chance you wouldn’t have otherwise. Be responsible and proactive.
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