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  • Safe Griffon H.22.K
  • Safe Griffon H.22.K

Safe Griffon H.22.K

8,880 ₴
in Kiev
- self-pickup from our store
- courier to the address
In the regions
- self-pickup from the Nova Poshta branch
- by courier of Nova Poshta
Cash on delivery,
Official warranty from the manufacturer, exchange / return of goods within 14 days
Burglar-resistant safe Griffon H.22.K is designed to protect documents and valuables from unauthorized access (burglary) and meets all modern requirements and standards.

  • Door metal thickness - 14 mm.
  • Side walls thickness (metal-concrete-metal) - 25 mm.
  • The door and the front of the safe are laser cut from a single sheet of steel 10 mm thick. Due to the high precision and quality of laser metal processing, a minimum gap between the safe door and its case is achieved, and the door leaf is in the same plane with the front panel.
  • The body of the safe is a double-walled steel structure filled with high-strength fortification concrete, the doorway has a projection on four sides, also laser cut from a single sheet of metal.
  • Reliable 3-sided bolt locking system with rotating chrome bolts 25 mm in diameter (two bolts to the left, one up and down), which prevents the safe from being opened with a cutting tool.
  • One removable shelf (two storage areas).
  • Internal hinges for 90 ° opening of the safe door.
  • Safe lock locking system from knocking out, the lock is protected from drilling with a special carbide plate.
  • The bolt mechanism is locked with a high-security key lock STUV (Germany), certified for compliance with international standards (class VDS1).
  • Possibility of anchoring to the wall and the floor is provided (one mounting hole to the floor, one to the wall).
  • The guarantee for the safe is 5 years, the guarantee for the lock is 1 year.
  • External dimensions (h * w * d), mm: 220x435x324
  • Internal dimensions (h * w * d), mm: 173x386x242
  • Volume, l: 16
  • Manufacturer: Griffon (Ukraine)
  • Weight, kg .: 44
Burglar resistance class I
Manufacturer Griffon (Ukraine)
Lock type key
Colour grey

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