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  • Safe BUBEN & ZORVEG Orion Nappa black Si-80
  • Safe BUBEN & ZORVEG Orion Nappa black Si-80
  • Safe BUBEN & ZORVEG Orion Nappa black Si-80
  • Safe BUBEN & ZORVEG Orion Nappa black Si-80

Safe BUBEN & ZORVEG Orion Nappa black Si-80

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Ever since the Austrian company BUBEN & ZORWEG started its business, a passion for innovation and inspiring, unique approaches and technologies for creating safes has become its hallmark: a safe does not have to look like a safe. And the models of the Compact series are a clear confirmation of this.

The high-tech product has an elegant exterior, upholstered in black Italian nappa leather with decorative stitching. Interior trim in fine black velor surrounds 5 drawers for storing your jewelry. 8 timemovers designed with innovative technologies. Smart LED lighting adds sophistication and convenience to the safe. A locking system made in Germany, consisting of an electronic combination lock and an additional key, is responsible for reliability and safety. For exceptional stability - 4 adjustable chrome feet.

A safe for storing jewelry and expensive mechanical watches from Buben-Zorweg, the Compact Orion model will provide its owner with an exquisite prestigious look, enjoyment of use, peace of mind and confidence in the reliability of possession.

Technical characteristics of the Buben-Zorweg Compact Orion safe:
  • The body of the safe is covered with high quality Italian nappa leather with decorative seams;
  • At the base - height-adjustable stainless steel legs;
  • Locking system: electronic combination lock with a 7-digit keyboard and an emergency key (made in Germany);
  • Safety class VdS I (German certification);
  • Complete set: 8 TIME MOVER® and 5 drawers;
  • Interior trim of the finest black velor;
  • State-of-the-art LED lighting technology with dimming function.
  • External dimensions (h * w * d), mm: 930x499x430
  • Manufacturer: Buben-Zorweg (Germany)
  • Weight, kg .: 230
“As the saying goes, there is no second chance to make a first impression. This phrase gracefully captures the whole purpose of design. But it does not reveal exactly what makes a decent design.

There is nothing special about cheap entertainment, but a design becomes truly successful when it never ceases to delight, despite repeated interaction with the object, when it does not drive you into boredom, when it harmoniously weaves into the life of the owner of the object. "

“The new watch holder is the latest example of continuous innovation in TIME MOVER® technology. In recent years, watch holders have been steadily increasing in size. Of course, we had to adapt TIME MOVER® holders to changing trends.

They now accommodate self-winding watches with case diameters up to 60 mm. Even large protruding plant heads are no longer a problem. We also thought about a watch with narrow wrist straps. All it takes is simple holder setup. A small but important detail: the safety catch makes a clear click when the watch is inserted into the TIME MOVER® module, letting you know that your watch is in good hands. Taking out the watch is also easier. Now, instead of pre-compressing the two levers, you just need to pull the watch towards you with a light movement.

Topping the list of these innovative enhancements is the near-silent operation of TIME MOVER® units thanks to special bearings and the use of new materials. A recent stress test has shown sensational results: an operating period of 40,000 hours, or about 45 years! "
Today BUBEN & ZORWEG is a thriving luxury empire with a manufacturing facility in the heart of Germany's industrial region near Stuttgart. BUBEN & ZORWEG creates bespoke objects and interiors featuring stylish, eye-catching designs and the latest technology to display watches, jewelry and collectibles in private residences, yachts and palaces around the world in modern, traditional and royal homes.

The creators of luxury built-in multifunction safes, watch and watch winders, BUBEN & ZORWEG specializes in serving the world's most discerning and discerning collectors of luxury goods, from royalty to industrial tycoons, heads of state and sports and music stars.

Burglar resistance class I
Manufacturer Buben-Zorweg (Germany)
Lock type electronic coded + emergency key
Special Features for jewelry

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