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Safetronics (Slovakia)

10,260 ₴
10,476 ₴
6,171 ₴

Weight: 0 kg

14,550 ₴
43,824 ₴
42,075 ₴
Safetronics AT 20/30 car safe

External dimensions (HxWxD): 300x80x200мм

Weight: 9 kg

7,662 ₴
Safetronics MINI 4 gun safe for pistol

External dimensions (HxWxD): 280x230x400мм

Weight: 18 kg

6,396 ₴
Weapon safe SAFEtronics ZSL 3M

External dimensions (HxWxD): 245x350x1500мм

Weight: 45 kg

7,974 ₴
Weapon safe SAFEtronics ZSL 5M

External dimensions (HxWxD): 330x350x1500мм

Weight: 60 kg

8,670 ₴
Weapon safe SAFEtronics ZSL 5ME

External dimensions (HxWxD): 330x350x1500мм

Weight: 60 kg

11,190 ₴
JOZEF MURGAŠ ELECTRONICS Inc. was founded on January 26, 1998. The main production activity is the development, production and sale of certified anti-burglary safes (TREZOR TEST ltd. Certification according to STN EN 1143-1 and ČSN EN 1143-1 standards for classes 0, I, II and III), safes for weapons and metal furniture of the SAFEtronics brand.

SAFEtronics safes are represented on the markets of the Russian Federation, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia and other European countries.

In the online store you can buy SAFEtronics safes with delivery across Kiev and Ukraine. To quickly understand the different modifications of Seyftronics safes, we recommend that you contact our manager for advice. It's fast, free and professional.

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