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  • Gun safe "Dog" on the basis of the safe Luca BNS 5T-2E
  • Gun safe "Dog" on the basis of the safe Luca BNS 5T-2E
  • Gun safe "Dog" on the basis of the safe Luca BNS 5T-2E
  • Gun safe "Dog" on the basis of the safe Luca BNS 5T-2E
  • Gun safe "Dog" on the basis of the safe Luca BNS 5T-2E
  • Gun safe "Dog" on the basis of the safe Luca BNS 5T-2E

Gun safe "Dog" on the basis of the safe Luca BNS 5T-2E

118,134 ₴
in Kiev
- self-pickup from our store
- courier to the address
In the regions
- self-pickup from the Nova Poshta branch
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Cash on delivery,
Official warranty from the manufacturer, exchange / return of goods within 14 days
Weapon safe "Dog" based on BNS 5T-2E - an exclusive VIP-model of a weapon safe from the manufacturer LUKA. Posted for example. The picture on the door is made by airbrushing. The door is lacquered in gloss.
There are options for painting the safe in other colors, applying an individual image, interior decoration with fabric, backlighting, etc. (check with managers for the calculation of an individual order).

Characteristics of the gun safe "Dog":

certified according to the 2nd class of resistance to breaking according to DSTU EN 1143-1: 2014;
certified for fire resistance according to LFS 30P according to DSTU EN 15659: 2014;
high degree of protection against unauthorized exposure;
the presence of additional storage for documents, ammunition and other valuables - a tracer with Eurolock lock;
interior decoration with soft upholstery;
burglary resistant;
protective heat-resistant layer between the walls;
special thermal tape around the door perimeter, increasing the heat resistance of the safe;
case / door metal thickness - 4mm and 3mm / 8 mm
holds up to 5 trunks up to 1390 mm high;
lodgements and a lower butt stand made of ash;
lock: M-LOCK GOLD (Netherlands) VDS2. It is protected from drilling by special plates from solid metal, plate thickness is 5 mm;
powerful crossbar system, consisting of 7 rotating steel crossbars d = 28 mm., closing the safe in four directions;
reinforced external hinges that allow you to open the door of the safe by 180 °. When opening the door, the useful area of ​​the safe opening does not overlap;
3 shelves, 2 of them are removable;
interior lighting (optional);
Warranty for safe and locking system: 5 years
Warranty on the main lock: 1 year
2 holes for fixing the safe to the floor with anchor bolts (bolts are not included).
Fireproof and safe TM LUKA safes of the BNS series are certified according to the second class of DSTU EN 1143-1: 2014 and the fire resistance class 30B according to LFS 30P according to DSTU EN 15659: 2014
This safe is significantly different from the bulk of safes, it has a more powerful and reliable design. The case consists of a shell with a total thickness of 50 mm, which is formed by two sheets of steel: the outer - 4 mm thick, the inner - 3 mm. The space between the walls is filled with insulating material, the thickness of which is 43 mm.

The doors are made in such a way as to protect the lock of the safe and its crossbar system as much as possible. The total thickness of the door is 100mm, it is protected by an external metal sheet with a thickness of 8mm. In the installation area of ​​the castle (German company Carl Wittkopp), a 5mm thick hard metal plate is installed, which protects the castle from knocking out and drilling.

The crossbar system consists of a steering wheel (a handle that spreads the crossbars in four directions) and a lock that blocks this system.
According to the TU for BNS safes, the permissible deviation in weight is + -15% of the declared.

External dimensions (h * w * d), mm: 1550х700х600
Internal dimensions (h * w * d), mm: 1400х600х445
Volume, l: 370
Producer: Luka (Ukraine)
Weight, kg .: 350
Burglar resistance class II
Fire resistance, min 30
Manufacturer Luka (Ukraine)
Lock type electronic combination
Number of guns 5
Colour airbrushing

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