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  • Safe Technomax GD/3
  • Safe Technomax GD/3
  • Safe Technomax GD/3

Safe Technomax GD/3

8,397 ₴
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The Technomax GD/3 built-in safe is a reliable high quality Italian wall safe. Alloy steel doors 10 mm thick, steel body 2 mm thick. Reliable 8-lever lock and combination lock controlled by three 20-position switches.

  • Burglary resistance: class S2 according to European certification EN 14450:05
  • Reliable 8-lever asymmetric safe lock with an additional mechanical combination lock, which consists of three combination discs with numbers (from 1 to 20 on each disc)
  • Lock with holding the key open.
  • Double-bit key with a special profile, duplicated by the owner's card to prevent unauthorized copying of the key.
  • The thickness of the front part, which is cut from a solid sheet of alloy steel on a laser line, is 10 mm.
  • The lock mechanism is protected by a manganese steel plate.
  • Nickel plated swivel steel ledgers ø 22 mm.
  • Reinforced steel inner hinges allow the safe door to open 90 degrees.
  • Due to the fact that the safe is built into the wall, protection against minor domestic fires is achieved.
  • Removable inner shelf.
  • Anchoring tabs on 4 sides of the back wall - additional protection against attempts to pry out the safe.
  • Strong polymer coating.
  • When buying a wall safe, remember that the wall into which it is installed must be at least 100 mm greater than the depth of the safe.
  • External dimensions (h * w * d), mm: 210x340x200
  • Internal dimensions (h * w * d), mm: 185x315x150
  • Manufacturer: Technomax (Italy)
  • Weight, kg .: 13
Burglar resistance class S2
Manufacturer Technomax (Italy)
Lock type mechanical code + key
Place of installation wall
Colour sea wave

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