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  • Burglar-fire-resistant safe LUKA BNS 4T-5 two-section
  • Burglar-fire-resistant safe LUKA BNS 4T-5 two-section
  • Burglar-fire-resistant safe LUKA BNS 4T-5 two-section

Burglar-fire-resistant safe LUKA BNS 4T-5 two-section

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Bank safe LUKA BNS 4T-5 two-section made in Ukraine, designed to store valuables from unauthorized access to them. The safe has a certificate and meets all the mandatory requirements of DSTU EN 1143-1, is intended for use by banking and other institutions. Such a safe differs significantly from the bulk of safes, it has a more durable and reliable design. Walls with filling of the inner cavity, solid thickness of steel, high-security locks, a powerful transom system, powerful hinges - all this in combination allows providing the required protection class.

Lightweight design (specially designed for rooms where the overlap does not allow the installation of a heavy safe).

The lock fixes the locking of the door with crossbars in four directions. A rotary wheel is installed on the outside of the door. The key fixes the lock mechanism (the lock is open / the lock is closed), and the steering wheel drives the crossbar system (the door is open / the door is closed). The design of the crossbar system excludes opening the safe by force acting on the steering wheel. Chrome steel steering wheel, 45 degree rotation angle. In the area of ​​the lock installation there is a hardened plate that protects the lock from drilling. The key is removed from the keyhole only when the lock is closed.

Powerful external hinges ensure smoothness and ease of movement of the door, excluding subsidence, and allow the safe door to be opened 180 degrees.

It is possible to replace a key lock with a coded one, install deposit boxes in a safe, change the size of the safe while maintaining the structure, interior decoration with fabric, install a sealant - the cost is calculated individually.

To avoid the theft of the safe from the place of operation, it is possible to attach it to the floor (two holes in the bottom of the safe).

  • Type of locks: key (lever) "Mauer" ("STUV") Germany;
  • Key type: double-bit;
  • Locks certification class: VDS II (class B);
  • Number of crossbars in each door: 5;
  • Crossbars diameter: 28 mm;
  • Number of locks on each outer door: 2;
  • Number of keys: 2 for each lock;
  • Burglary resistance class: 5.
  • Body construction: double-walled welded, with internal reinforcement and filling.
  • Construction of each door: double-walled welded, with inner filling.
  • Hinges: external.
  • Shelves: 1 piece in each section.
  • Covering: matte paint.
  • Safe color: black.
  • External dimensions (h * w * d), mm: 1500х720х798
  • Manufacturer: Luka (Ukraine)
  • Weight, kg .: 400
When ordering, please check if the safe is in stock
Burglar resistance class V
Fire resistance, min 30
Number of sections 2
Manufacturer Luka (Ukraine)
Lock type key
Colour black

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